sloppy gearstick BW65 interchangeable with parts bw35??


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So I have a very sloppy gearstick on my bw65 auto. A friend gave me the gearlever assembly of a BW35.
Before I start dismantling all kinds of things
is it possible to put the bw35 gearlever on a bw65 gearbox?
Mine is a late (1976 3500 auto)
Can it be done with the box still in trhe car or do I have to get the box out?

Thanks in advance for your answers!!



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What you show above is a very early BW35 gearlever assembly, and I think that it can be used as a complete assembly, but can't be made to look like the later type without the stainless slider.


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I like the stainless slider so I will try to mount that in my late p6. But I am curious whether I can put it on a bw65 without having to take the engine out. But I think i will hav eto try and look for myself what is possible.


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this morning I removed the gear lever where the seat for the gearchangelever was completely perished. That is where the slack came from off course.

for good access I removed the propshaft and took the gearlever out.

Since I see no way to remove the pin I just installed the other (Older) gear lever.

Unfortunately I could not directly mount the olkder aluminium housing with the stainless slider. I could offcourse but the plastic indicator lens from the newer type does not fit.

The massive play on my gear lever was also due to the fact that it missed trhe crossbar-pin that you have to lift for activating reverse. With that pin missing and the spherical seat it is really just a spoon in al bowl of soup......

work in progress

Now it is tight again and really feels a lot better!!!!