Kept waiting for others to upload their pics ...................but no one has so thought I would start it off to see if the floodgates now open.

Go on, I've shown you you show me yours! :D :D



And what a stunning start to the Shark's-tooths! Alan's car is thought to be the 4th oldest P6, and it's on the road (most of the time - sorry Alan!!). So what excuse have all those owning newer P6's got then?

[quote(most of the time - sorry Alan!!)][/quote]

LOL you know me so well Chris!

As the Mem Sahib said "You spend all winter getting the car ready for Coughton then you win a cup for breaking down"........there is a certain irony you have to admit! :D

Nevertheless I was happy to get some Silverware which now has pride of place.

My excuse is that I would dearly love to own one but can`t justify the cost to `er indoors!

That said, Alan`s car is simply stunning

Edit : Just realised how old the thread is, comments still valid though