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Sort of body related - has anybody designed or made covers for a P6's front wings so one may work on the engine bay without fear of damaging wing paint?
On the 928 they are pretty much essential due to the width of the wings to avoid paint damage. Very easy to do if you wear a belt with a metal buckle - ask me how I know!

They are soft furry fabric on the inside, vynil on the outside, with small tags (something inside that bends and stays where you put it) that hook around the bonnet hinge at the back, and the inner edge of the wing in a couple of places. They also protect the headlights from tool damage. There is a front piece because the bumper cover is painted polyurethane and can get damaged - this also has pockets to hold tools. Could clip on the back edge of the striker panel. Not sure this would be needed on a P6, but it could stop things being dropped on the bumper.


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In car factories , no metal parts are allowed on clothes, no rings , bracelets etc., other than a wedding band and that has to be covered . Scratch damage vastly reduced as a consequence.


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I have some covers that work really well. The top surface is a light weight nylon and the lower surface is a perforated non slip material. The covers cling to a wing so do not rely on magnets and work well on GRP.
Sadly I can no longer find these for sale, I would have bought more.
I just did a fresh search and found these, they look identical, I shall shilly shally down to Screwfix tomorrow with my wheelbarrow.
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Ha - no stock !
Hamilton Classic where I purchased my original pair have them back in stock. They look larger, and so is the price ! but they are rather jolly good.
Car Wing Protector
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Text say available with Rover logo, but its not in the pull down list. Do you read that price as for one wing cover, so 2 would be needed for working on both sides?


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Don't know about logo, perhaps shoot them a mail, they are a reputable seller. I guess that is for one cover ! pricey, yup, but so nice to use.

Downsides :- They leave a pattern of the bottom anti slip weave on the paint surface after removal. This is only a minor irritation as a quick wipe over and it's gone.

If you drop a heavy ratchet or car part on the cover it probably is not thick enough to protect the paint, you can however lay out working tools and smaller parts on the wing no problem.

They have not been available at Hamilton for many years. They attend Goodwood Revival and every year I look for covers without success. I may pre order a pair to collect this year.


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Ordered and received a pair from Hamilton - cling on quite well, will watch out for the marks....They dropped the Rover motif for lack of demand.