Series 2 ignition key

Hi , I need to buy a new ignition key for a 1972 TC . I can take mine out of the ignition with the engine still running and now and again I cannot turn the key ! The problem I have is that I only have one key and the number on it does not make any sense to me . Does it make sense to anybody else ? . The number is 62DR S71B . Thank you.
hopefully somebody can assist though I assume you have tried local locksmith/keymakers? sounds as though either key and or barrel is very worn. good luck.
I went to a local locksmith who told me it was no good cutting a new key from a worn out one . I would end up with the same problem !


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2 approaches come to mind

first .... get a new lock, I looked on WINS Electrical and saw some interesting items, might be the solution

second ..... over the last 40 years of owning cars I have unwittingly come across ignition keys for previous cars that I owned stashed in places I had forgotten about, I did get spare keys done, then put them somewhere, forgot all about it then came upon them years after the car was gone! it might be worth tracking down a previous owner for your car, if he still has 1 spare key, could be worth the journey

let us now how you get on but that lock you have there does sound like it needs to be scrapped o_O