Series 1 radiator dimensions, could I be so lucky?

Picked up a Series 1 TC radiator with the oil cooler in the bottom tank and the expansion tank on the side. The core is shot. Just wondering if they are the same size as the garden variety units (top and bottom tank type) I had mine re cored at significant expense a few years ago. Would love to be able to swap the tanks over and use the original TC oil cooler set up. As a minimum I think I'll integate the side tank onto mine.
If you cannot get a replacement radiator core then you might be able go an external oil cooler, off a series 2 and there is a cross flow radiator from Summit Racing that will drop in relative easily. Let me know if you need this infomation and I will find it for you. Summit racing is in USA. Where are you located?
Have you tried a radiator repair specialist? I see you are in Australia. I have had my Rover’s radiator recored (the one in Australia). The core came from Queensland. Fitted by a shop in Adelaide. It was back in 2000, so I don’t have paperwork as to where exact the core came from. But you might want to give these people a call:
Radiator Re-core
Thanks for the reply J. I had the standard early Series 1 Radiator re cored a few years back. It was very expensive to do (AUD$800) at the time and I assume its gone up since then. Agree. I could run an external cooler if neccessary. What would be ideal would be to be able to swap the tanks over. Assuming they are the same cross section.
The Australian Tcs had a variety of radiators fitted. The ones with the oil cooler built in are very rare here. Your recore was particularly expensive, over twice what you should have paid. I have a 2000 core brand new in box but you'd need to measure yours to ensure it's the same model. its a down flow 2 row core. Where are you located?
Located in Newcastle. I'd never seen one like this before, the side mounted header tank is particularly interesting. By down flow, I assume thats to suit a radiator with top and bottom tanks, not the later side tanks?
out here I've only come across one and that was because some recore knuckle had put the tank too high up so you couldn't shut the bonnet....I'm in either Ssydney or Bulahdelah. Car and parts are all in Bulahdelah.
That one you have is a downflow i think but the side tank is a reservoir only (and its position and plumbing is important so you can shut the bonnet....). someone here recently posted photos of one.

The flexible tubes from the engine to the internal, bottom tank, oil cooler may well be slightly different too.


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The flexible tubes from the engine to the internal, bottom tank, oil cooler may well be slightly different too.
I think that the vertical flow radiators with the side expansion tank were fairly common here is Canada and that is what is on my '68 TC. The RCCC sent me a photo some time ago of a stack of those style rads. My experience on the oil hoses is that they are the same regardless of having an integral oil cooler or the external one.
In North America, all TCs got the rad with oil cooler until sometime in 1968, when the crossflow rad was introduced & the oil cooler became an option. Not sure about the rest of the world.

The oil cooler rad is quite different from the no oil cooler downflow rad, in addition to the expansion tank the top tank is quite different. And the bottom tank with the oil cooler as well obviously.

The oil hoses are common to both the integral & separate oil coolers.