Series 1 P6 Grill Badge

Hi folks,

I've seen remanufactured bonnet badges for the P6, but is anyone familiar with grill badges for the P6/P6B?

What would be a good price to pay for a mint second hand one?


Hi, saw your post and thought to reply as just seen badges on ebay uk.
Unfortunately they're not cheap, around the £70-£100 for mk1 centre grille badge.
There are several companies here in uk that ship to you - search rover spares uk and you'll find a suitable company for you, I know decent cond. 2nd hand are about £50 upwards.
Hope that helps at all
I purchased one of the ebay UK ones last night, I have two, one that is in pretty good condition & one that's a paperweight, but the one that is in good condition has been turned into a wall plaque with some kind of resin/enamel molded to the back side. I was just afraid of damaging it when taking it apart so it might have to stay as a book end.

I'm half tempted to commission a run of them if they aren't readily available.


I'm half tempted to commission a run of them if they aren't readily available.
Tempting. Afaik no one has ever reproduced the series 1 badges. There were two different types too, the early ones had a plastic badge with a stainless surround and steel back/fixings but the later ones were all plastic with the steel fixing glued in.


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If you commission run I could well be up for one. Am in Melbourne but will be driving to FNQ next July though possibly via Birdsville.


PS ours is one of the later types, car was bought in UK August 1970, days before the second series was released.

Whoops, just realised that the OP was 5 years ago. Doh!
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