Series 1 heater question.

Hi Guru's.
This might seem like a silly question....but does I can't find any evidence of a fan for the cabin heater....should there be one? Tossing up between restoring the heater etc or just removing it. Mine is only a cruiser in QLD Aus, so it never really get's 'cold' here and we all know the cabin is cosy at the best of times so......
Ok, this might seem like a silly question, but where is the fan housed and where is the switch supposed to be? This car had aircon retrofitted (into the boot!!) and removed at some point, so it may have been removed too. Thinking of just removing the whole set-up in the engine bay....
Thanks for that :)
attached Heater unit and fan, followed by OE A/C unit and component list.
That's about all I can give you for now.
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