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Hello, I am in the process of restoring my 1976 P6 and will have to replace all the seat belts due to wear and tear, oh and mice :(

My question is........
Is there any legal or logistical reason why I couldn't retro fit static belts instead of inertia ones?
If not, then were could I get some?

I know the arguments about the inertia ones being safer, but my wife travels with a "clunk clip" device fitted to the belt to turn it back into a static one anyway, and I sort of like the old ways.....

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Thank you, I had missed that. That's what you get for posting just before bed.......
If I do go for the static I will get them from a company Stan recommended when replacing belts on his Jag
FDTS Ltd - Index Page

The question still remains, are they easily interchangeable?

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Now that you make me look into it, I see mention of M11 bolts (fine pitch, which are very close to unobtanium), and some american cars using 1/2-UNF. Have never seen anything other than 7/16-UNF.
Have just finished installing Securon-254s in the rear, and I have to say they are a PITA to fit, even in my car with the captive nut towards the rear, well clear of the squab. On the right the knob to set the locking latch orientation fouls the interior trim, and if mounted without a spacer the belt will be badly fouled against the rear of the seat squab - have added a 19mm spacer under the base. I am liking Demetris' vertical mounting more all the time, and I reckon that with a robust mount (have a piece of 5x20mm flat steel already bent) the only part that might bend in a bingle will be the base of the belt mount - still a bad thing, so probably wont do it.
Got the belts off - they came from UK, and despite being on the cheeky UK seller charged me UK VAT at 20%...waiting to see if he will do the right thing.
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So far no VAT refund from belt seller - kcponline. Anyway, moving on . After some exchanges with Hemco here (VERY longtime belt makers), they do a reverse wound belt (ie feeds off the top of the reel) - 1600051 (S suffix for short belt - 2m, L suffix for LONG) they have sent me one without being paid first..! Fits very well, added bonus that you can get a socket behind the reel, where I could not with the Securon. They come with a cover, but there isnt room on our deck for it - wont clear the window trim in the corners. Not sure exactly what my problem is, but the car has been fully re-carpetted (sp?), there is lots of underfelt, and somehow it makes the lower fixings of the belt (buckle on the inside, main belt on the outside) difficult to do neatly. Outer end of the belt comes out from under the squab , looks odd to me. I do have a spacer under the base of the belt reel to minimize belt rub on the seat back.
Any body noticed the unused hole lower down from the outer belt fixing - seems the right size, but not nut present?
Side view of belt exit.

Belt reel...
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Series 1 cars are designed around Static belts.
Series 11 have cutout in front seats to accommodate Inertia Reels, but AFIK no change to the rears. Even fitting statics is a PITA and it is very difficult to get them to hang on their retaining hooks.