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Ok so both front belts have packed up (inertia britax autolock) ok for me as I had a spare in stock, not so good for the wife though, she cant come P6 ing with me until this issue is fixed. Looked for a new equivalent ie securon but here lies the issue. I have had my car nearly 30 years now ( 2200tc) and have never had a seatbelt issue before now, (who knows where the spare in the loft came from) and I notice the securon belts have a female tongue that fits into the buckle. My spare belt and the two original belts all have what I believe is called an arrow head tongue (basically a male) These fit perfectly into the black rover marked stalks. These I am desperate to keep as I feel they look so much nicer than the "red button" variety that come with the securon. So does anyone know where I can buy a new seatbelt that will fit ie one with a an arrow head tongue, do I buy the securon and get someone (who?) to change the tongue or get someone to repair the original belt, or does anyone have such a working belt for sale or worst case, do I have to sacrifice my Rover stalks for something far less attractive? As always any comments and helpful suggestions much appreciated. Thanks Ian


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Speak to Quickfit , they make one off belts to order and are not too expensive, I have had them modified and they have made up automatics ,supplying new reels & webbing using my original buckles etc , including off my static belts and can match belts colours
Classic car seat belts | Period Style Seat Belts Quick Fit SBS Ltd
I wouldn't risk using a different make of buckle into a Rover one, even if it seems to fit.
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I recently had my front belts refurbished by Quickfit SBS and I can happily report they did a splendid job and were lovely people to deal with. They had the exact correct webbing too. Thumbs up! I was able to retain the Rover badged stalks, although the drivers side is pretty well thumbed away after 47 years. I agree the red buttons would look wrong!
Would you mind telling us how long they took and the rough price? I could do with getting mine refurbished as the webbing has become rather floppy and prone to twisting.
Cheers for the Quickfit tip gents, been on to them and they can either supply a modern inertia reel seatbelt for about £60 OR recondition my original belt for slightly less. The big bonus is if I send them my old belt in either case they can fit the existing tongue (the bit you plug in) so I CAN keep my black Rover stalks! Delighted! Willy don't know if you need inertia or not but if you don't, they may be a different price to the above as this price was for repairing existing inertia or new modern inertia, not none inertia seatbelts. Mr Task, yes red buttons are SO wrong, I am prepared to pay the premium of £50 (for two belts) against the securon set up just so I don't have to look at or use them!


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What I once did is going to a shoe repair guy to exchange the tongues! He stitched it again with the control lables and everything looked pretty original! didn't cost more than 5 euro!


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What I once did is going to a shoe repair guy to exchange the tongues! He stitched it again with the control lables and everything looked pretty original! didn't cost more than 5 euro!
I think I’d rather go with a specialist. This isn’t an area to cut costs on.


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It is not just a matter of curting costs but only to show that with simple means /solutionsyou can get great results. It just a matter of removing the stitch work remove the tongue and fold in the new tongue and stitch it together again. In my case there was no specialist available.......


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Years ago I got the friendly guys in the next door unit at work to do the same. They were yacht sail makers though with huge industrial machines.
Didn’t charge me a penny :)

Since there are affordable specialists doing this now though, I’d probably use them too



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Is there a specialist that stitches seat belts all day?? I'd have thought that the two mentioned, shoe repairer and yacht sale maker would certainly have the necessary skills...

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There are companies that do aircraft seatbelts, but you will need a second mortgage to go there.
Any competent upholsterer/sailmaker with the correct thread and needles will be able to do it for you. All they need to do is copy the stitch pattern correctly using the correct materials.
You could always have them tested if you aren't sure of them.


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Just found a spare stalk and buckle, free (plus postage) if anyone wants it to make up a belt. It has the rover logo now faint on the push button . I think it is off a P6. having trouble with pics. at the moment