sd1 with bw35 inhibitor switch


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hi there i have a BW35 on the back of my SD1 engine, 4 prongs on the switch. can someone explain the wiring of the switch please into the loom?
i read that 1+3 are the neutral side
and 2+4 for reverse lamps.

I think the OP has a BW35 mated to an SD1 engine, not necessarily in an SD1.

In answer to the question, just test the opposites on the switch using a test lamp or continuity tester while moving the gearlever.
It’s definitely a bw35 it’s in my Buick, the loom was missing so I’m fitting a rebel wiring 9+3 kit.
I found the attachment photo, I’m wanting to know how to wire it in,
12v from battery to switch then through to starter solenoid??


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