SD1 Vitesse wheels black and polished


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Hi all,
The time has come to pass on my vitesse wheels. I refurbished these 7 or 8 years ago, fully polishing the lips and etch primer/gloss black on the rest of the wheels, inside and out.
They come with centre caps, original nuts and flush fit valves (adapter and 4x new seals included)

Tyres are ancient part worns so not recommended for use!

Looking for £350

Located in Henfield, West Sussex

53377DBF-52CB-4AE7-A762-3FB1CE1A2076.jpeg 70ABB6B7-9E6F-4C6E-8AE8-BEC00F7C758B.jpeg 8E613609-C4AB-4402-97A7-795DA3E6D948.jpeg 0302B062-9F73-46DD-ADF5-07B54B60430C.jpeg B19B2779-C520-426F-9AC2-B47852BCB9D1.jpeg 256FD5EA-FFDE-42F4-A735-1D6BE839F745.jpeg