SD1 Engine rebuild

Hi all ,i,m looking to rebuild my 3500 engine ,any suggestions where to get parts, pistons ,cam shells ,mains etc, i was thinking rimmer bros or real steel ,what are yours thoughts please John.


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Just seen their website. Not good news.
It's been like that for quite a while now.

Real Steel are very good, and I have had excellent service from Rimmer bros as well. Both do standard and tuning stuff.

V8 Developments are good if you want to tune it but they are very busy at the moment so if you want them to build your engine, you could be in for a bit of a wait.


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For gaskets, bearings, cam, lifters etc, you could try one of the landrover parts places ( is my go to place). Having a V8 powered landrover as well as my P6, that's what I do!

Checking Brit-car it seems they do have pistons too, but be careful you don't pick up a set for the 3.9L and larger engines - they have a larger diameter bore than the 3.5's (94mm vs 88.9mm I think?).