Sam Glovers 2200TC goes up for sale


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Sam Glover is well known on here he drove a 2200TC to Iran and back in 2008 then dry stored it
I drove this 2200TC to Iran and back in 2008 – a distance of 10, 500 miles. The trip filled eight pages in the July 2009 issue of Practical Classics.

It’s been dry-stored ever since. The body has plenty of battle scars, but it’s solid and original. It was still in fundamentally decent mechanical order after the trip, but it will obviously now need extensive recommissioning. It needs a set of seats and a set of wheels.

I’m very attached to it, but festering in my barn is doing it no good at all and I fear that recommissioning it may never reach the top of my sprawling ‘to do’ list. I like the idea of it finding an enthusiastic new owner and getting a new lease of life.
fantastic mission and stills from the fabulous 2009 magazine feature are included in the advert Sam Glover is now ready to sell the motor (Gloucestershire) its got to be the advert OF THE MONTH surely!



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No good pictures either. You can't even see whay you are buying!!

As for price, I suppose it depends on your view. You can spend that much getting a rusty body fixed so if it is a rust free car then that would add a lot of value in my view!
That 68 seems a little odd. It has the blue patch under the TC badge and blue sail panels, which would be very, very odd for a 68 car. As well, it has a black interior and every blue sail car I've seen (including the one in my back yard) had red interiors. It has the anti burst pin inthe door though, which would plausibly be a 68 feature.

The car is of course highly over