safety belts?

Hello fellow Rovers, I have just completed restoration of my '48 P3 74. It's a low mileage beauty and is a joy to drive. However I think now is a good time to install some lap belts, or even shoulder belts. 1948 Rover P3 75.jpg

I would appreciate some guidance from you. I did have a P5 3 litre with front floor mounted shoulder belts (non- retracting). They were comfortable and looked great. So... please feel free to tell your thoughts. Keith
Do you want the legal position or peoples opinions. The P5 may have had front belts from new ( if registered after 1st aug 1964). so completely different. Bear i mind children can not travel in a car without wearing a seatbelt. Personally I have 4 retractable belts in my '71 P6 .Jim


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According to FBHVC rules for children as follows :-
. What are the legal requirements for children to wear seat belts?
Children under three years must use a child restraint (ie child seat or booster) appropriate for their weight in any vehicle (including vans and other goods vehicles) – so they may not be carried in any vehicle unless it is fitted with the appropriate restraint.?In vehicles where seat belts are fitted, children three years and over up to 135 cm in height (approx 4ft 5ins) must use an appropriate child restraint for their size rather than the adult belt. If no belts are fitted, they must travel in the rear seat. If there is no rear seat, they may not travel.
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