Rovers in Heartbeat ?

I organised a Heartbeat Vehicle Rally at Goathland on 11th & 12th June, where several ex - Heartbeat Vehicle owners brought along their vehicles. The cars proved to be quite an attraction over the weekend, and I hope to organise a similar rally next year.

It took me several months and lots of phone calls to trace some of the owners of these cars, as all of them had been sold on after Heartbeat finished in 2009.
I am hoping to contact more vehicle owners over the next few months, so wondered if any members here either own or know someone that owns a Rover ( or any other vehicle) used in the program. There seems to have been quite a few used during the series.

Information and pictures of this years event can be found on the Heartbeat Vehicle Rally page on Facebook.

I can be contacted by email at

I believe that my newly acquired 1968 Rover 2000 TC appeared in Heartbeat. It certainly appeared in the spin off "The Royal" and also as a background car in The Damned United" s-l1600 (2).jpg