Rovers @ Great Australian Rally


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Nice photos.
What is the old fastback four door car on the trailer?
I like the alloy wheels on 91289H in the first photo very much. They look a bit like Alpina wheels. Very sporty.


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"What is the old fastback four door car on the trailer?"
That indeed was what a few of us were asking, hoped the brains trust here could answer. The mini consensus was a streamlined 14 or 16, though the word Pilot was also mentioned.
AND THE ANSWER FROM RCCA Webmaster Peter IS...............................
In case you have not worked it out, the car is a 34-36 Speed 14 Streamline Four Door Coupe. There is one in
Gaydon, Peter Rigall took this photo last year:
Only 380 were made between 1934-36.<span></span>
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Ah, tree's in full leaf and burnt grass...…… distant memory for us right now. I am sitting next to a roaring woodburner with a glass of winter warmer.
That blue streamliner is to die for, lets hope the one on the trailer makes a comeback, good pics !


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Yes, it was pretty good. Weather at about 25 degrees was perfect given the high 30s in the days leading up and afterwards.
Some great cars including a Tucker Torpedo and a 1929 Elite (a German marque I'd never before encountered). Call me weird, you wouldn't be the first, but I really loved a Borgward Isabella Coupe with the top chopped and running a 302 Windsor and Ford 5 speed, built on a full chassis!