Rover V8 3.5 Rocker assembly parts

New to this Forum so bear with me if any mistakes.

I have quite a few parts I'm clearing out which may be of interest.
602162 / 602163 / hrc 1050
Rocker Arms - £3 each
Rocker Posts - £3 each
Rocker Shafts - £10 each
Springs - £1 for 6
Rocker arms without hardened tip £2 each.
All items are excluding postage.
All parts grease & gunge free
Open to offers for the job lot.
Please message me with any questions, or text me on



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Impossible to assess rockers without seeing the state of the valve stem pads, and the internal bushes, preferably the shafts they came off. Whats a 'solitary' engine?
Just clarify and cut out any confusion. Solitary probably wasnt the best word to use. All parts were from stand-alone engines ie not out of a complete car. Pretty much like any Rover engine that has been stripped for parts.
If anyone has a genuine interest all you have to do is let me know is which items and what you would like by way of measurements & images.
Hopefully that clears up the query.