Rover SD1 Vitesse LT77 Rear Oil Seal


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I have a TVR 350i which is fitted with a Rover SD1 Vitesse engine and gearbox. The gearbox is an LT77 suffix E. I want to replace the rear oil seal but there seems to be some confusion as to what the part number is. Rimmers state UKC3949 as for suffix A to C and FRC6084A for suffix D, which as I understand is pretty much the same as suffix E. Other suppliers quote UKC3949 as applicable to any LT77. What should I be using? I have seen it stated that UKC 3949 is not compatible with the Suffix D gearbox. The TVR seal number is 035F 232A which I can get from a TVR specialist but it is £20 +P&P which seems quite expensive when it is only really a standard Rover part!!