Rover P6B Series One ignition switch - what else is compatible?

Hi Guys,
My dash mounted ignition switch decided to part ways internally. Finding a replacement (here in Australia) is proving difficult. Most require a mounting hole too wide. Are any of the Land Rover / MG / Mini ignition switches the same size? Or is there an aftermarket switch that will fit?
It's not quite right, but might be ok in a pinch. The original has 8 pins in a circle and 2 in the center. The ad does say [This NEW switch is not listed for S1 2000sc Auto or S1 3500 Auto, however it will work as a replacement for part numbers 565888, 568122, 568123, 555612]. The add doesn't show or state how many pins it has? The numbers on the side of my switch are 39222A 5069...not sure if that's the part number. I would have thought it would have been easier to find, too!
Well, it's not exactly the same but very close. Luckilly at the same time I came by a good 2nd hand one - so I put that in and I have the 'almost right' brand new one as a spare. But unfortunately I'm still garage bound as I find my dizzy is stuffed. *sigh*