Rover P6 NADA 3500S Driveline update videos.


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Looking good.
I’m not sure if you’re aware but that air filter became known as the triangle of death as the foam caught on fire in many cases. They may have updated the design but worth looking into :thumb:


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I can attest that Jim is absolutely correct. One backfire and the grey foam starts to melt at best, burn at worst. I have had it happen to me.
I have not had any issues but will take it under advisement. The one thing I do like about it is that the top of the filter is under the middle bonnet scoop so it gets fresh , unheated air. They make a filter top for conventional round air cleaners but almost anything that will filter air effectively is flammable.

I originally bought it for my Stag when I replaced the SU's with a Holley 4 choke carburator. It was the only thing I could find that would fit under the bonnet. Since then I have found a low profile round air cleaner for GM products that fits. That is what is on the Stag now.

Edward Hamer
Petaluma CA
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Hi Ed, I’m near you in Napa with two 3500S’. See pics in the gallery for NADA/Federal Rovers. June 13 is my all Brit car club meetup in Rohnert Park if you want to come by and kick tires and swap tales. (NoBBC .com) north Bay British Car Club. Meet at Sonoma Bagel just off expressway. Jim
Glad that you enjoyed the video's.

It's been beautiful here for the last week, sunny and in the 70's. More to come this week if the weatherman has it right.