Rover P6 in Bollywood!

Hello, if you don't know already, I am of Indian decent but born here. There is a classic Bollywood movie which featured scenes of Britain in the 80's. It shows the good old Rover P6 police car as well as others. Please follow the link to the film and step to 2:14:46 to see the car chase scene. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles. However, if you watch the full movie, you may still enjoy it. The cars get damaged but someone may still recognise the number plates. Happy viewing!:)
If the link doesn't work then search Qurbani Full Hindi Movie on youtube



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Best movie Ive seen of a P6 in action . Story scenes are very cliche but hey , the Rover was the star really!!


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Actually it was more a "tongue in cheek" comment. ;)

If i had such reservations i would have bought a Triumph, not my brilliant 2000 TC. :D
as good as the chase in Bullet , with Steve McQueen, very entertaining, good job the rover has bolt on panels, it could be used many times for stunts for the movies....
poor old Triumph , had some bad dents, wonder what happened to the" invisible man " on the stretcher? :p