Rover P6 Events before Sept 5th? "Southern UK"

Hi All, I'm visiting the UK from Greece and would like to meet up with forum members/buy bits for our P6 Sept1971 LHD 2000TC.
Id a look through the recent listings and no meetings seem scheduled. (Understandable, maybe, its holiday time and family need to be looked after.)
However, if I've missed any events located Souh of the Dales-Manchester, cn someone point it out to me. I'm driving back to Greece on or shortly after Sept5th (in our 20yr old LR Discovery.)
Cheers to all.


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By the Dales, do you mean the Yorkshire Dales or the Peak District? Either way, we would consider those areas in the North of England (although I appreciate that on a map they are in the southern half of Britain). MGBD are based in Wolverhampton, although they have recently moved warehouse so I don't know if they are open for customers to visit to collect parts.

I have just searched locally, and there is a classic car show in Macclesfield, Cheshire (immediately south of Manchester) on 27th Aug: Classic Car & Motorcycle Show, Macclesfield, 27 Aug

If you wanted to venture a little further south, the P6 Club is going to Silverstone Classic and the All Rover Rally in Buckingham. See the events here: Events


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You're welcome. Glad you've been able to make plans. Enjoy the trip!

PS: Nice profile picture. I took that photo myself many years ago when I first rebuilt me engine. It's been circulating on the P6 Club website for some years as part of their promotional stuff. Glad to you liked it.
Love your photo, which I thought I'd use until we can get a decent photo of our own engine that hasn't got the orange evidence of our water leak. Hopefully now fixed.