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Rover p4 and p5 sections

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rockdemon, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    I've noticed we have a few rover p4 owners joining recently and i'm wondering whether we should create p4/5/3/SD1 sections? I know there are other forums for most of these cars, but if the people are here should we cater?

    All opinions welcome :)


  2. cobraboy

    cobraboy Well-Known Member

    Bear in mind that I am not the one tasked with the work involved and do appreciate all the effort that goes into the forum I would say yes.
    Having more folks on board can surely be a good thing.
    Forums seem to be being sidelined by the likes of facebook etc ( which I can neither understand or nor operate ) so any influx of new blood must be welcomed with open arms - I would have thought ?

    It is called the Classic Rover Forum and I guess every Rover ever made is now a classic.

    Well apart from the brown ones that some people put comedy wheelarches on and paint blue :oops:
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  3. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    I'd definitely vote for a P4 section. The P4 Guild seems to be having a bit of a crisis at the moment with the forum almost dead and most discussions taking place on Facebook (in a group that doesn't require membership of the Guild). While FB is fine for short term discussions the lack of decent archiving and searching makes it useless for technical reference - where this forum really shines.
  4. colnerov

    colnerov Well-Known Member

    Hi, Yes I agree. Both the P4 and P5 forums are quiet, if it brings more traffic onto here it makes it a 'one stop shop' for all things Rover.

  5. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    I agree. I like the social aspect of FB but it usually means the same questions are asked again and again. I always try to steer people to threads here.
  6. Horselogger

    Horselogger New Member

    As a great admirer of the P4 and P5 (especially 100 and B coupé respectively) I should be delighted with the proposal. I do not use Facebook so the additional content would enhance my enjoyment of the Forum.
  7. rover100rich

    rover100rich Member

    great idea as i have a p6 and p4 both in advanced stages of rustiness
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  8. Hobby

    Hobby New Member

    I always thought this forum covered the P4, 5 and 6 anyway, it's name would indicate that. The only trouble with dividing it up is whether you also divide up the various sections like electrical, etc. It could get very complicated!

    Perhaps a separate section for general chat would be the way forward, in which case you'd have to have a P6 section as well!! ;)
  9. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Wholly endorse the suggestion of including a separate section for P4 P5, would make it easier searching threads if nothing else. As has been said the forum name suggests it all.
  10. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    thanks guys - i'll instigate this :)
  11. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    Done - I've linked the v8 engine section from p5 to the p6 ones as it is mostly the same.

    As we havent separaeted the BW35 and 65 boxes in the p6 sections i havent linked them.

    I will create a higher level p3/prewar and an SD1 section too. I wont create all the subsections just yet though. Happy for people to link to other forums too... It's all about what works for you guys :)
  12. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    All up to you guys now! We need content :)
  13. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    I think we need a prize for the first proper post in each section?
  14. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    I've added The prefix Rover P4,P5 or P6 to the similar sections to try and help with possible cros contamination - let's see how that goes :)
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