rover P4 100 chassis number location?

friend has passed on and wife wants to sell car .lost log book and DVLA want a chassis number. we have looked all over car and this morning used a Flexi camera thing to push down under steering rack and servo to see if the was a 'plate' or chassis numbers stamped in chassis there.( nothing noted) though car is insured and has original reg .. a check using that on a couple of sites online has found no information. its not had any MOT's as far as we can tell in last few years ( sadly) and we do not know how to get a new log book for any potential buyer without this information. Any pointers where to look ro better still a picture or diagram ? many thanks.


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Agree, the plate is attached near the Left Hand Front door hinge and is referred by Rover as the Car Serial Number . The chassis number, which should be the same, is stamped on the Top Face of the LH side member above the front road spring . See attached extract from W/S Manual. What model & year is it, as I can look of the Series of number you are looking for so you can recognise it if you see it on the chassis ?


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wow .many thanks. def no plate noticed but wasn't specifically looking for a 'plate'. was under impression it had number stamped into chassis under steering box area. though camera check didn't find anything so far .will def check next Saturday when car is due for its weekly 'start and move back and forth ' checks . trying to keep it in decent fettle as will be up for sale in a few months due to death of owner. widow cant drive it and simply wants it sold to an owner wanting to look after it. owner had it in decent nick and even won a local car show trophy for condition on show.
its a P4 100. 1963 by the way . will check next weekend when I visit to see if we can find info .but happily the previous owner was asked and had kept that info :)


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If it is a 1963 100, it's a late-regd one as 1963 models were the 95 and 110 (these had the newer black-rimmed dials, earlier cars, ie the 100, had chrome).

Assuming it's UK-market RHD car, 1962 100 chassis numbers started 750 00001 (up to 03872).

That's the type of number you're looking for, the first 3-digits identifying the model/year/market, ie a 1963 110 should start 765 00001 etc