rover meet Enfield

went to Whietwebbs museum of transport today. entire group of rover owners as set up by rover sports club I believe.
aside from having a few dozen rovers of all ages including modern ones ( not sure thats so good but aware its open to all rover owners including bicycles!)
the museum has a few vehicles of own including a bus. lots of interesting historic stuff from old type writers to models of aircraft. much was donated or or loan to the museum. even old lawnmowers were about as well as model train set in an old railway carriage .
cost was £5 though a cuppa and bun did add to my days spend lol
overall many nice vehicles. all happy to chat or tell history about their car etc. I even sat in one and tested handbrake ( mine is crap) this may be worth others going to as they do this every year. my next stop will ben Enfield pageant . only idea I think we ought to adopt is a lapel badge so we can see whom is a member of what club! might get more social activity etc .


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I was there too. Good idea re badge. Perhaps name and CRF alias would be a good idea. A sign in the car with same information would be useful.
hmm sign in car is an idea. next year will try and bring my old rover along with a bit of info .eg about car. owner etc might be interesting of we all did. hope the guy whom lost a core plug got home OK