Rover 45 door trim

A combination of age, warm weather, degrading foam cushioning & less than generous wrap round seems to add up to the fabric comming away from the foam on the front door cards.
I wondered what others may have used to sucesfully stick the fabric back in place. Since the fabrics quite thin i'm concerned about the adhesive soaking into it & showing through, also anything with a hint of solvent might attack the foam or material if its synthetic......any ideas please,thanks.
hi there,
PVA wood glue dries clear and if thinned a bit, would probably do the job. Do a test piece where it is not to visible first.
Contact glue sprayed on is also a possibility, you can buy it from a craft-store in a rattle can, for doing fabric etc and that to may be just the material to use.
Auto upholsterers use spray contact every day to join fabric, vynal and wood together.
you could also ask at a local motor trimming shop!
Peter, thanks for the suggestions.

Spray adhesive seems to be what's used professionally on all sorts of trim materials / fabrics so that's probably the way to go. Also found water based contact adhesive too, a possible alternative? Should be safe on foam which concerns me a bit compared to some other solvents.