Rover 3500 0n 17 th of May, Norways national day


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Very fond memories of my 1971 touring in Norway, over the top and down through Finland in the P6B (on the way from London to Eilat from where the car was shipped to Melbourne). Superb country.
Was warned by a hitch-hicker, who then invited me to lunch at the family farm house, about the dangers of driving on dirt roads which I'd encounter on the trip.
He said that they had one tourist a week run off the road. I responded that I'd had quite a bit of experience with dirt roads in Australia and had a healthy respect for them. Sure enough I passed an abandoned car that had gone over the side a bit, hopefully only the driver's pride and wallet were hurt.

I guess most of those roads must be paved by now, must say that some of my favourite drives here were much more fun when the roads were dirt and you could move the back around a bit


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We still have some dirt roads but most roads is paved. However the problem with that is wear you get from studded tires in the winter. Some places it feels like driving in two ditches. But the Rover copes admirably!
Regards, Barten