Rostyles - what are they worth?

Looking to buy some Rostyle wheels which are in average condition. I'm not 100% sure whether they're 14 or 15 inch yet, but could someone give me a guide as to what is a reasonable price to pay for a set of 4 (without tyres) in average condition?

Phil Robson

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I paid £50 each I think many moons ago for some poor ones that I've had blasted & sprayed silver. I personally like this better than the chrome as it's more subtle IMHO :cool:

You can just see them here:


I've never put any centre caps on, nor have I got round to putting chrome or s/s wheel nuts on (it's only 11 years since I got the wheels!)
Thanks Phil. I've found them for £31 a wheel, he apparently has a few sets so i'm hoping to pick the best of the bunch from him.

I do like the look of yours and their matt appearance. They will need re-painting, i'm just not sure whether I go for more of a gloss finish or not. Decisions decisions.

Phil Robson

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Forgot to say that mine are 14” P6 wheels, rather than 15” P5s, so a bit harder to get hold of. In fact I bought 2 from one guy & 2 from another. I don’t know what they’d done with their others!