Road noise at front


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Having worked for Rover I am aware that the tyres fitted by the car manufacturer's are not necessarily the same as supplied by the same tyre manufacturer as replacements. I know we had specials made , for which we paid the tooling. with a slightly modified tread pattern to eliminate a particular resonant noise. I did ask what happens when you need replacements and was told it would normally be a " generic" tread pattern for that brand and designation. Its all aimed at getting the original purchaser to be satisfied , not subsequent ones.
Just wondering if we had a winner between the Perelli and the Vredesteins 165R14 for the four cyl cars. I'm currently running a bigger set of 14" tyres (185s I think) but am planning on going back to standard after painting the car. Both brands are very expensive down here in Aust. so price isn't really a discriminator.