Reverse control rod on a P3/75 1949.

I have just replaced the bracket for the engine rear support complete, the rubber portion which was oil cured and very soggy, and i noticed that the stop washer and the self locking nut on the bottom of the reverse control rod are missing. may be this is the cause of some difficulty in finding reverse at times. does any member know of the approximate dimensions of this washer so i can replace it or procure a new one, any information would be greatly appreciated.(the p/no in the parts book for the stop washer is 01926. and the locking nut is 50524.) best regards derrick.
Further to my previous post regarding the( replacement of the bracket for the engine rear support complete) I have managed to get the bracket in but i am now having trouble getting all the gears together. i can engage the four forward gears and no reverse, or reverse and no forward gears any suggestions would be appreciated.Derrick


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Picture would be a big help here Derrick. From memory the reverse button pushes the rod down, lowering the big washer (to clear a ridge) so that the peg up the front can get to the reverse selector rod. Has changing the rear gearbox mount interfered with the gear selector shaft?