Resistor wire to coil

Hi, I'm tracing wires to the coil on my 1974 3500 Auto before I fit electronic ignition.
I have the two white/black wires to the distributor and tach on one side of the coil and two white/yellow wires (one thicker than the other) on the other side which I assume are the feed from the starter solenoid and the resistor wire.
6" from the coil, the thinner wire is connected to a pink/white wire which I am assuming is the resistor wire. Before I start unravelling the loom and cutting wires to replace the resistor wire with a new length of standard wire, is my assumption correct?
The workshop manual wiring diagram (ref 2RA309A on bottom left of the diagram) shows a resistor with a white wire in from fuse position 19 and a white/yellow wire to the coil.


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Why would you cut anything and not just run another wire? Best use heatshrink on the end to isolate and leave be so in principle it can be reversed.


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Dont assume anything! Check voltage at the coil input (with ign on of course). Mine is also a 74, and I have 12v at the coil, and have the correct coil for 12V input, IIRC a Lucas DLB101, 3 ohm.