replace rostyle with steel wheel issues?

I've been running my federal TC car with the rostyles it came with since I got it running. I have known they are out of true and cant be made true. The wheels are balanced as best as I can get them but I still have a shimmy at speeds over 40 mph. Will steel wheels fit the bolt pattern of the hubs if that's all I can find?

Phil Robson

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They should go straight on.

I've swapped mine easily enough - though you may want some different nuts as the rostyles usually have longer chromed ones which I would think will foul standard trims.
As long as your car isn't a 67 the Rostyles will bolt on. A 67 car with Rostyles may actually have Magnum 500 wheels, which look the same but have a different bolt pattern. The Rostyle nuts will foul the steel wheel hubcaps., so you'll have to source a set of standard ball faced nuts.

By the way, you can have the Rostlyes repaired. They will disassemble the wheel, replace or true the rim and then reattach the centre.

I see you're in Alberta. It seems to me that one of the places that does the wheel refurbs is in Calgary. I'll try and dig up that info.

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