Removing the wipers’ park function

Does anyone know how to switch off the P4’s ‘park’ function on its wipers? I want them to just rest at the bottom of the screen, so that I can fit a variable speed delay function, in preparation for a long continental trip. (And if anyone has any good ideas about variable delay function I’d be grateful to learn!)




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I am not at all familiar with the wiper mechanism on the P4, but you could look to retrofit the P6 pneumatic delay control. I have done it in my series 1 P6 and it wasn't difficult.


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As far as I can ascertain, the trouble would be that the motor reverse function parks the wiper blades and there is no built in system to stop at the end of the return stroke if you disable the park .
Most intermittent systems bypass the park to initiate a sweep & use the park function to return it back and the P4 doesn't work like that.
I recall reading about the P5 park system (which l assume is much the same as the P4), in the club magazine l think & it said the polarity is actually reversed momentarily to allow the operation to take place.
Thank you all. I guessed it was a complicated little piece of electrikery. It’s a pain on a drizzly day to keep switching the wipers on and off and it performing its daft little dance each time. I need to get hold of some techy stuff on how it actually works, so that I can maybe bypass it.


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Hi, From what I can ascertain there are two types of system on the P4 one is a linkage the other is cable operation. If it's the cable operation you could try changing the motor for a round type for which there are delay mechanism's for you to modify. Or if it's linkage change it for a cable one.