Rejuvenating (very dry) leather seats

It's been several months now of some use & looking closely at the worst part of the worst seat - the driver's - this is what you see:


I'm pushing down with a finger to highlight the situation, but you'll notice that the leather filler has not completely bonded to all crack edges. It may also have been better to have used a bit more as it's sunk a little below the surface of the cracks. The colour has also worn off the raised edge of the cracks, so things would have perhaps fared better if I'd treated these more carefully at the start :(.

However, I'm being quite picky on the worst seat & deliberately showing you 'warts & all' should you wish to go down the route I have. I still think that the overall impression from the recoluring is good & will complement the car when I've finished it. I appreciate from the close-ups the colour can look like a painted surface, but in the flesh it really is better than that :)
Thank you for the update Phil.
i shall bare this in mind when I start the filling process.
at present I am still applying the feeding oil every 48 hours.
i think I will keep feeding them until the tin is empty, which won’t be long.