Reduction Gear Starters


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I have one but it was on the car when I bought it.

I believe the old owner fitted it because the standard one was too tight to the headers.

Apart from space, I can't really see the benefit though, unless you're racing and the few kilos you save are worth it.
Yes, for approx three times the price of a reconned original unit that should last the rest of the cars life, it's a punt too far for me.
I'm getting a reconned unit as l don't trust the brand new ones for obvious reasons.


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I just installed one of these from JRW - looks like the same unit. It sounds very solid, but the cranking RPMs seem rather low. Indeed I emailed JRW asking about this. I am recommissioning recon engine and even when it was fully warmed up and everything set quite nicely I am having a bit too much trouble getting it to restart and it sounds rather like the cranking RPM is pretty low, and that is not helping matters. Battery is new.

Has anyone installed one of these and noticed any difference versus the stock unit?