Recommissioning of the Denovo 3500

......has begun at last. Since changing workshops last year l hadn't really worked on any of the cars to speak of so l decided to take a week off work & get things moving again starting with my remaining P6B. I managed to secure a couple of days attendance from Harvey who hadn't seen the new place since l moved in & after a tour of the premises we set to, though the setting-to was mainly carried out by Harvey while l supplied various sorted out tools demanded by the maestro from my new tool cabinets.
Thus far the leaking rear calipers have been removed along with the master cylinder which will go to Mark Gray for stainless-sleeved exchange units in the case of the calipers whereas the master will be sleeved. He has new cylinders but not stainless lined which is what we want & which service he also offers though apparently not many ask for the service which l find a little surprising.
Also the OSF wing was removed along with the suspension assembly on that side as the buffer rubber inside the spring has disintegrated & needs replacement. The other side is ok on sight but will be replaced as a matter of course. Wheelarch prettification along with general detailing has been & will be carried out. Looking at the one removed front caliper, l think l'll be going for exchange units with those too.

l'll add photos ASAP. Files are too large to be taken off my phone & photobucket is still awkward though l understand they have had to backpedal somewhat regarding their moneygrabbing antics recently.


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Nice to see you back on here.
I'm about to change workshops too and trying my best to avoid disruption of progress..
Quickest workaround for photos from my phone is to upload to Facebook, this can even be a private post only you can see, then download/save photo from Facebook. They'll be compressed/auto resized and can be uploaded to here ;)


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Not many would be able to support a p6 like that.

I got all of my brake and clutch cylinders stainless lined by mark last year, still to fit them but my parts were really good coming from a 21k mile car and especially with a manual car I didn't really want to fit the modern ones which can be bought for about £15. You made the right decision.
Apropos of nothing, l picked these up at The Enfield Pageant last weekend. Two sets of 3500 front pads for £20 & the lock oil originally from a Rover dealer for £3.50, full up too:


Back up the workshop tomorrow to fit new drop links & a lower engine mount to my 75. Fitted new front discs & pads last week:

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I got those jobs done too & the ride is tranformed:



l thought the lower mount was ok on removal but you can see the splits emanating out from the lower hole. It is a bit of weak spot on the 75 as they don't always last too long. Polybush replacements are available but they can also have mixed results by causing vibrations through the cars.


For the moment though she's a lovely smooth ride again. Rear discs & pads next along with the aircon system which needs some attention.

As for the V8, l'm dropping the rear discs off to my local engineer tomorrow so he can skim them & l'm also getting an order list together for Mark Gray. A pair of braided steel front brake hoses are on the way, rears to be sorted & it looks like we'll be polybushing the buffer rubbers up front.
How to fit a P6 front bottom joint:

Step one: Grind off the pesky splines from the base.

Step two: Absolutely larrup the bejesus out of it with a big rock or something else of equal accuracy. 60338911_10218760644678079_4477273633919598592_o.jpg


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Indeed they do! Krrreeeeeeeak Sqqqqquuuuueeeeeeekkkk. My car makes so many creaking and squeeking noises the poly top arm bushes are just one more note in the (dis)chord!
"larrup"! There's an expression I haven't heard in ages. Note to self – must use that!