Recommended Vieving : Paul Brodie's Shop


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I've been watching this guy for a while. I find him truly inspiring, for all use wannabe garage engineers.
This video is about the replica 1919 engine, he made from a black and white photo. A true craftsman.

His other videos are just as good. Enjoy.


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Really enjoyable video.

What stands out for me is the similarity of his thought processes and solutions that mirror the way I design and execute similar projects, first time I have seen someone with similar skill sets that thinks like me!

Been watching a few similar videos recently as I have been looking at buying ( mostly window shopping as the economics are against me with Covid at the moment) a Harley Davidson 2018 114 Fat Bob or similar.

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Nice tip, @Gargo. I like his easy manner. I enjoyed a few more of his videos. "Back in the day" when I was a pushbike courier on a mountain bike, I really wanted a Brodie, but they were always too pricey. Lovely frames and forks, that seem to hold their value well today.