Rear Springs

I replaced the front springs on my P6 and now my camber issue has cleared up,the old ones were 16” long when they were out,so quite a bit shorter than new.
I need to replace the rears as they have sagged quite a lot I might have a line on some here in Vancouver but in case I don’t I might have to get the old ones reset,but the WM doesn’t give you the spring rate,does anyone know what it should be?


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I dont know the price to Canada would be , but Ive got "King Springs" ex Australia on my rears and they are great.The car sits perfectly and the ride is improved


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3500 to suffix A rate 260 lb / in, free length 13.3"
3500 suffix B and all 3500S rate 260 lb/in, free length 13.0"

Heavy duty spring rate 300 lb/in, free length 12.6"

Taken from repair operation manual 3500 - 3500S


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I have a SET of OEM front and rear springs I can check free lengths on if anyone is interested. Taken from 3500 auto 1972.