Rear screen heater not working

I'm sure it used to work last year .but nothing now .the switch lights up as if its on but screen don't demist. What would be the easy things to check plz
Much appreciated


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Check that both wires are connected to the rear screen terminals and also that there is 12v at the screen terminal with the switch in the on position (Brown /Yellow wire ). If no 12v at screen check there is voltage at the switch output . The connectors on my P6 are halfway up the side of the glass on each end of the rear screen, tucked behind the D post trim . You should be able to check the voltage by touching a meter probe on the bus bar on the glass where the elements end


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mine was not connected at the right rear. I found the connector when I removed the seat base and the squab. Didnt need to remove the inner D pillar cover.