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Rear inner wing seal - good or bad?

Discussion in 'Rover P6 Bodywork & Interior' started by Willy Eckerslyke, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,
    The rubber seal, held in a channel which runs horizontally above the rear wheel, then dips at the back... only visible once the rear wing is removed...
    Useless mud trap or valuable original detail? What's the consensus?

    I don't remember ever revealing one that wasn't supporting an accumulation of damp soil, encouraging rot to start. But if it's missing, does even more mud build up in the top, front corner of the rear wing?
    Having just spent an arm and a leg getting all outer panels resprayed, I really want to choose the best strategy for refitting them, so would appreciate your views.

    I do like to drive my P6, all year round. My intention is to remove the wings every couple of years to give it all a good going over, but I know how easily that couple of years can turn into three or four. So rust protection at this stage is obviously vital.
  2. Dave3066

    Dave3066 Active Member

    Hi Willy

    After getting into a black sticky mess trying to fit a new front wing seal I was thinking much the same about the effectiveness and necessity of these panel seals. I suspect that without a seal on the rear wing water might get up to the boot channel and into the boot. I also wonder if the panel fit might be affected by the compression of the seal ie if it wasn't there would the panel fit tight to the base unit?


  3. Vern Klukas

    Vern Klukas Active Member

    Yes it does.

  4. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dave and Vern.
    I feel some experimenting coming on... there must be a better method.
  5. unstable load

    unstable load Well-Known Member

    You can get it in black and it would be more effective than a rubber seal if you put it where it needed to be rather than where it was meant to be.
  6. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    That sounds a great idea for protecting the narrower areas along seams, etc. Thanks, I'll definitely get a tube or three.
  7. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    I posted a picture of the said seal and bought 2 from Wins. Just glued them on with contact adhesive and refitted the rear wings.
    Needed a bit of push and shove to make them fit. Definitely stops mud etc getting up into the the upper boot area.
    Note : if it was fitted from new, it was needed and leaving it off when fitting the rear wings is a no no, ( in my opinion)

    NOTE: the pic is the old seal :cool:
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  8. sdibbers

    sdibbers Well-Known Member

    The modern approach is to not try and seal spaces like this but to have free airflow. I think the sikaflex with smooth transitions to stop mid build up make a lot of sense.
  9. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    Vern, thanks for posting the photo. That's not the area I originally asked about but is one I need to consider. I really don't like the original design of that vertical seal but hadn't appreciated that it prevents dirt being thrown up as you describe - accurately I'm sure.
    I'm now all the more determined to trial fit an old wing with a variety of home-made seals to see if I can find an improvement...

    "The modern approach is to not try and seal spaces like this but to have free airflow. I think the sikaflex with smooth transitions to stop mud build up make a lot of sense."
    It does indeed, but the modern approach is also to fit more substantial guards boxing in the entire area which could be the ideal solution. Not practical at the front but may be possible at the rear.


    Hi Willy, I have just stripped mine down to bare bone and renewed every seal, and found new seals to top of wings stop wings from sitting over inner wing and boot channel lips the new seals are much thicker and the part that fits over the inner wing lip is way too thick, I am going to remove and see if I can get a thin seal like the one that fits under the bonnet at he side of the hinge covering the seam about a foot long and use that to seal wings on the lips of boot and inner wing, recommend not fitting but remove dirt from under wings and paint. I used hamerite. waste of money and effort sorry. best wishes Dennis
  11. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    Hi Dennis,
    That's timely, I should be getting a visit tomorrow from a "gentle" blasting company to give the base unit a good clean. They'll also be going a bit heavier on a Land Rover chassis and bulkhead for another project at the same time.


    Hi Willy, solved a dilemma that I was pondering over, possible rattle metal on metal and water penetrating from wing to inner wing and boot liner, I am going to stick neoprene rubber self adhesive tape to underside of wing ledge. will send photo of difference in new and original seals (not recommended) Sunday having couple days off.
  13. quattro

    quattro Well-Known Member

    Is that a foam rubber seal, or mastic of some description? I haven't seen one there before and was wondering if it might just cut down some road noise?

  14. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    As far as i remember in the wings that i have seen so far, the seal is formed by a line of black non setting mastic that was applied at the factory.
  15. Vern Klukas

    Vern Klukas Active Member

    It may of looked like mastic after years in place, but they are rubber seals glued in place. I think their purpose was to prevent water, mud & ice from accumulating at the back of the rear door openings.

  16. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    hi there, its not a foam seal, its a rubber seal from Wins, that is quiet thick and needs a lot of huff and puff to push the wing back on and bolt up.
    I glued mine on with weatherstrip adhesive especially made for EPDM rubber.
    Ordinary contact adhesive will not bond epdm rubber by the way! it will just peel off and release...
    Not sure about wind noise, the pb6 is a very noisy car anyway compared to modern cars, almost as noisy as my old series one land-rover, I used to wear ear muff when driving and a bicycle helmet for additional safety! :rolleyes:

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