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rear caliper piston ratchet audible

Discussion in 'Brakes' started by Jens, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Jens

    Jens Member

    Says the WSM but neither ratchet sound nor stop while (endless) turning the piston clockwise back.
    pls. might anyone tell me whats the issue.
  2. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    If the piston turns but doesn't wind back into the caliper then there's an internal problem, probably the pawl not stopping the ratchet from turning.
  3. Jens

    Jens Member

  4. Jens

    Jens Member

    The piston fully winds back into the caliper but neither a ratchet sound, endless clockwise winding without ratchet sound or resistance
  5. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    Does operating the handbrake quadrant manually bring the piston out again?
  6. Jens

    Jens Member

  7. Jens

    Jens Member

    No, when I turn the handbrake lever I can see the strut moving upwards pushing the wedge but neither piston movements nor ratchet sound
  8. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    The lever & pawl are probably not seated correctly. I had this issue when rebuilding my calipers a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Vern Klukas

    Vern Klukas Active Member

    Or the lever doesn't have an edge anymore and just slipping over the pawl teeth.


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