Re-con V8, Edelbrock carb and manifold, LT77 Gearbox FOR SALE

Hi everybody. Yesterday disaster struck - one stray spark from a welder and the interior of my car was ruined, totally gutted, as indeed am I. There is indeed no fool like an old fool. The car is now scrap, but there are still some good parts left - engine, Edelbrock carb and LT77 gearbox (SD1 sourced) As the fire was largely confined to the interior there's no fire damage to the engine, or the engine compartment.

When I bought the car around 1 year ago I was told that the engine had been completely re-built. He didn't have any paperwork but looking under the rocker covers, and into the bores with an endoscope, all the metal is silvery, bright and new, and personally I was never in any doubt that I'd been told the truth. Pre-fire it ran beautifully, holding around 40psi oil pressure at 2000 revs, with no knocks, bangs, rattles or blue smoke (I have videos of it running should you wish to see them) and as the fire didn't reach the bonnet I've no reason to think it won't continue to run beautifully too.

The Edelbrock carb and manifold are in similarly as new (that is, seen hardly any use) and are available separately.

The gearbox is said to have been completely reconditioned but I as I never drove the car due to its needing brake work I can't comment on this.

I also have two brand new rear calipers, and two brand new outer of the two inner sill sections, from Wadhams. There's a bunch of other bits too, the front wings are ok, the bumpers are excellent front and rear, the exhaust is stainless steel from the front pipes back, the fuel tank is good, etc.

As for prices (negotiable) I'm thinking £1000 for the engine, £400 for the carb and manifold, £400 for the gearbox, £150 for both calipers and £100 for the sill sections.

Or, if someone wants the whole car, £1500, or thereabouts, would be the figure I'm looking for.

I'm open to reasonable offers on all these prices.

I'd like to salvage something from this disaster, and want to see as many parts as possible re-used to keep these fine cars on the road.

Please PM me if you're interested.
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I am interested in the gearbox, to convert my 3500S to 5-speed. Would it come with remote. What about bell housing and clutch, with the gearbox or engine..
You can mail me on Robin_ collis uk Remove spaces.