Re chroming issues

I could do with a good contact for re -chroming, pref ' from a satisfied end user.. I live in the Midlands UK .. thinking of having both bumpers and over-riders chromed .. Also , a question , can the side body trims take re chroming .. also can the rear number plate chromed surround be up dated by chroming ..I guess it will cost a fair bit , but the vehicle is in great shape and it should be worthwhile .
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The only place of which I have experience is: S&T Electroplate - Home

And they are excellent. For two bumper blades and 4 overrides will be £650+ for proper triple plating. It depends on straightening and repairs needed.

Done properly it will outlast the original.
above all all great answers. mine will need doing at some point in future. my most annoying part being the rear number plate surround as its badly pitted. I am given to understand any chroming will show these 'pits' unless the pits are filled and smoothed or old chrome removed and plastic underneath refurbed to smooth finish then rechromed . not found anybody that does this yet. probably going to be pricey too.
aware old chrome will be removed and basic plating carrie out before chroming .look up triple chroming or 'hard chroming' as our target .
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I had both bumpers including over-riders, number plate surround, and fuel cap done for £400. They looked great when I got them back, and didn't start peeling off for several months. :(

Choose carefully and don't go for the cheapest.