Rare Italian 2000TC Perhaps?


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Just saw this Italian 2000TC on eBay with unusual (I haven't seen it before anyway!) and what I assume is air conditioning. Looks neat though!!

Rover p6 2000'75 | eBay

Also if it is really a 1975 car then it is a very rare series 2 2000TC (not 2200TC) made for the Italian market between either Feb 1974 and Dec 1974 or Sep 1975 and Mar 1977, making it an 868-series car and one of only 845. So more rare than a NADA!!!

(All credit to James Taylor and his amazing book for the data of course!!)



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Yes, it looks like one of the 868 cars. The colour looks like Brasilia, so it fits with being a late car. I wouldn't call this A/C installation neat though. The passenger's glovebox is gone, and there is also an ugly duct visible leading to the centre console. But it is true that in a P6 you don't have much of a choice regarding an A/C installation. I wouldn't comment on the floor over-mats though!


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Yep, an Italian-spec 2000TC, built for tax purposes.

The aircon is one of several similar aftermarket units. Works well in the middle of summer.


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That's why the Land Rover Defenders and Discovery 1's supplied to the Italian Police had the 2 litre M16 ( Related to the old BMC B series ) Petrol engine to meet the under 2 litre tax break .


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Getting the 3.5" bore to give a 2L total displacement would require a stroke of 1.6". I find that possibility pretty remote!


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The 2 litre V8 is a real thing and was done by TVR - RPI had one in recently. It was turbocharged also for Italy. It wasn't done for the TR7 as that'd be nuts with a compliant 2 litre engine already installed.


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Since they went into the trouble to create a new crankshaft, i wonder if they considered at all a flat plane one. With such a small stroke and with OHC heads it would rev to the sky. But i agree that the supercharger option was the reasonable one for such a niche product.
Maserati did the same with the bi-turbo; a 2-litre primarily for the domestic market and bigger engines for export. Purely down to the domestic tax issues for cars over 2,000cc (possibly 2,000 and greater).