quick question about fog lamps

My first technical question, please be gentle :) I have searched around the forums and *think* I am on the right tracks, but figure a little check with folks who know as opposed to think might not be a bad idea! 2200SC 1975.
The fog lamps have at some point been wired up, but were cut on drivers side (don't know why), suspect that the under bumper valance has had a paint at some point, could have occurred then I guess. On the drivers side there was wiring leading to the lamp but not connected, this leads back to a black treble connector, which I assume is of course the earth. The other wire leads to a blue with yellow trace, presumably the switched live feed. On the other side, nothing, but, there is a spare hole in the treble black, and a bullet to nothing that's also blue with yellow trace. Does this sound correct connections to you (I'd check with meter first, but that will involve going on a journey to retrieve the meter from the person who borrowed it for a day about two months ago - be easier buying another but I am attached to my old meter, as it seems my friend also is. Should and will make up a test bulb, but wanted to know first if I am at least in with hope.
many thanks in advance
Okay, made up a test bulb, and it seems the above blue with yellow trace are indeed the fog lamp live feeds. So far so good. Next I tried to figure out what the fuse rating at the fuse box was - I cant tell, trying to see where the blue and yellow goes in - seems its either into a fuse rated at 25A, or at 15A. I want to use the correct rated wire, so figuring that the fuse should be about 80% of the wire, that's going to either be 32 Amp wire (seems rather hefty) or 20 amp wire. I have neither of these lying around, so cant use my 'yup, looks right to me' judgement ( a good thing), but can go and buy whatever is correct. So, what do you reckon is the right amp rated wires for the job? Apologies for these very basic questions, now you know how little I know! (I'll satisfy myself with cleaning up the brackets and lamps and spraying the brackets black until I hear back from you - this is the nice thing about getting older/wiser/having screwed stuff up previously - I am a lot less in a hurry, and a lot more determined to get it right).


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The lamps are about 55 watts about 5 amps each if that's any help and the original fuses are blow rated so the 35 amp fuse is circa 17 amps continuous.
Brilliant, I don't need such heavy duty cable after all then. Will have some 20amp stuff in a drawer somewhere, I think.
Thanks again, much obliged to you