Proper washers for top of steering box?

After checking fluid level and adjusting freeplay on my steering box I am once again having gear oil seeping out the from around the fill hole bolt and around the adjustment nut. Can someone post a pic of the proper washer that goes in these spots?


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Hi, After a quick look the parts book and the manual they don't show washers but a copper washer would seal it. However the fact that oil or oil fumes are appearing indicates a breather is blocked if indeed there is one, again that doesn't show unless it has a gas permeable bolt. Perhaps Harvey can confirm or deny. If you do use copper washers and seal it it could well leak somewhere else. My suggestion would be to drill a small hole in the filler plug and put a loose fitting split pin in and tease the legs apart, this will stop most crap going in and let any pressure out.

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I'd say a copper or fibre washer under the filler plug. I can't see how you could put one under the adjuster locknut without it risking the nut coming loose and oil would probably be able to track up the thread if it really was under pressure. Is the cap fitted to the adjuster? I've not experienced leaks from those places, and I can't remember it having a breather, it's not like a gearbox or diff where things are really thrashing around in there to build up pressure. What oil went in it? If you can post a pic of the leak that may help.
Sorry for delay in reply. Was away for a bit.
Using 90 gear oil as per manual.
Seems to be seeping around both the adjustment screw and fill bolt.
Tried to use a cell phone pic but is too large for the forum to post. Will resize and post soon.
I have filled to bottom of the fill hole as per manual Harvey.
I will remove some when i get car out of shed again and see if that helps.
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