Project T Rex


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Bought this car last year - T Rex. Been trying to get one as a project for some time, had a few in my youth - many years ago, my first car being P6 2000 TC 1969 vintage, followed up by a couple of 3500. Wanted a project and this is definitely one! As I work through thought would post the journey. Not being very techy taken a few months to get started! Let me know if anyone knows this car registration GYN 81N these photos of how purchased car - all in bits. Wish me luck!


So car now in the garage so let's get started. Out with the angle grinder and got cutting out the rust one piece at a time. First rusty piece now out. Made up new piece and welded in. Welding not pretty but hopefully strong.


Tom W

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I have the same area to repair on mine, looks like you’re doing a thorough job. It looks like you need the welder cranked up slightly more, so the weld penetrates a bit more rather than sitting on the surface.
Hi Tom W I still have a lot more to do so hopefully get the hang of welding again. My mig welder was purchased in about 1985 when I used to do hot rod racing and built my own cars. The mig has only 4 settings and the next seting is too high and blows holes in the metal. I am thinking of buying a R tech 180 but need to do a bit more research when we get back to normal and money is flowing a bit more.

Tom W

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Hi Paul,

I have the same problems with my welder. 2 switches for power, so only 4 different settings, and one of those blows holes in everything! I’m contemplating an upgrade too, or just moving to a TIG welding.

What thickness wire are you using, .6 or .8? You could try the other size, that may allow you to go up or down a setting and give the result you want. Also, the amount of wire you have sticking out of the torch will affect the heat. Maybe try the next power setting up, but with a more stick out to keep things cooler? Wire speed will have an influence on heat too. There’s usually a little bit of leeway between too fast and too slow, so you can tune a bit around the sweet spot.


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I've got a scrap base unit, so plan on cutting what's left up slowly, as I can't even cut in a straight line at the moment. Figure that's the first step, before I think about welding :)


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I am thinking of buying a R tech 180
I bought one of those, they're brilliant.

I had a gas-less thing which was £99 brand new.

I can't remember if it was me or my son, but the pic below shows the weld from the R Tech 180 (top) and the gas-less thingy (lower)

Don't no how but I have lost the picture of the rest of the repair to the rear of the sill.
So now started on the outer sill at the front. Found poor repair to the jacking point and bottom of the A post has rust holes.
Good job that when I bought this car it came with a 1971 2000 TC so I drilled out all the spot welds and carefully remover it.
After repairing the jacking point I can then fit this one.