Potential P6 Owner

Hopefully a new member from Northern Ireland, hoping to take delivery of a 1972 2000sc, will need all the usual stuff and will pee all you kind people off by asking the stupid questions, frequently.


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Welcome! No Stupid questions ever asked. Good luck with getting your SC. The folks here are very friendly and very helpful. The search function on each sub forum is very helpful when looking for answers too. Looking forward to seeing the photos!
welcome to site. the people in here have masses of patience and do like to be helpful where possible. no such thing as a stupid question ..unless of course asking in a Rover forum about a willies jeep ! you can often find answers here to annoying problems and a peruse of articles or questions asked and responses can be a gold mine of information. Harvey you will find Is the sites 'guru'.
Welcome , this is the best car forum I’ve ever been on , with lots of priceless expirence and knolage it’s the best place to come to when your at you wits end and a gallon of petrol and a match seem the only answer !


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Welcome. If you don't know anything about the car you've bought and its history as well as a good service:

1. Check the dedion elbows (search here).
2. Replace the brake flexi hoses regardless of apparent visible condition and bleed through the whole system (cheap and easy to do).

It's not really a complex car by modern standards, just very, very odd in design and now of course very old. But so much fun to drive in good condition.


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Looks nicely straight Brian. I would check under the sill covers when you get a chance just to be sure. Love the colour, pure 70’s


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It looks OK, but it's always difficult to tell from pics alone. Have a look at all the "how to fix the handbrake" threads on here because you'll be doing that as a first job I would think.
varies as far as aware . I have mine at 3 ..however. using it requires Popeye and a can of spinach ! tried replacing both calipers. cable and checked all linages. pivots etc ..still worse handbrake i have ever had. It does luckily pass Mot ...
reminds me. I must try somebody else's handbrake when I get chance. next week being a good opportunity as local car show on.


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Lordy I don't know what is up there. I re sealed my calipers and threw them back on, operated the hand brake first by holding the button in, ooh maybe 30 to 40 times to ratchet out the piston, then applied the footbrake a few times, I have a superb handbrake - will easily double as an emergency brake from speed. And there is no way a dozen wild horses will move that sucker when the h brake is applied.


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Same here. I have about 5-6 clicks on mine. I like to have a little loose play in the cable before it operates to make sure the quadrants return fully and allow the calipers to self adjust under normal use.
Finally collected the car and drove it 100 miles home, pleasantly surprised, other than surface rust where the door sill plates are not too bad, handbrake works well, engine sounds sweet, noisy clutch bearing, ignition switch does not spring back to disengage starter when engine fires up, seats shot to bits. Now for the stupid questions as promised, can I fit rover 75 seats into it? anyone tried? also dont like just an oil pressure light, what adapter do I need, ie what thread is the original sender for oil and water temp? The exhaust is blowing, I notice the tail pipe exits behind the nearside rear wheel, is this right? Heater blower motor doesnt work, need to check it out looks like a new rad and water pump, water temp stays about 40% up on gauge. All in all quite chuffed with my new car, heres hoping.
Thanks in advance