Possible new purchase - advice wanted


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I'm thinking of getting another classic but I have an issue with it and whilst I think the background is genuine I'm not sure how to proceed. The car had one owner from new and is totally original and in good nick. The problem is that when the old chap who owned it died his family didn't know he still had the car as it was put away in a garage under a carpet when he stopped driving. The chap who now has it hasn't registered it in his name so it still shows the old boy's name on it. He only lives around the corner from the address of the original owner and he picked it up from the bloke's son. Since then he's had it for a couple of years and spent about £600 on it (receipts and MOT proof). I think the whole thing is genuine (he says it was to keep the one owner from new on the V5 which I'm inclined to believe).

Thing is I would like to buy it (it's not a Rover, although the DVLA records list it as such (it's an Austin!!)) but I'm not sure how to proceed. He says he can take me round to the old boys house (just round the corner) and I can see his son to get the V5 sorted.

What do you think!


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if you clap eyes on the Registration Document, check the address on it and if you are at that address speaking to the original owner's son who tells you that he did sell it to the fella you are now dealing with then fine, grab the Registration Document and give it a good look at, does it match the chassis no on the car you're buying?


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There shouldn't be any problem getting it registered in your name. The original owners son knows what is going on, so all that needs to be done is to fill in and return the V5 to DVLA in the normal way. There may be an identity check afterwards but that's no problem either. The biggest problem is that it's an Austin....


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An advert on a club website. I think the DVLA have listed all BL stuff under "Rover"! Could make future Rover Rallies interesting... I can just hear the conversation "The DVLA says it's a Rover, though!"


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I would not worry to much at that money if it did all go wrong you could always sell the bits off the car then scrap the rest and still get your money back