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Have been to look at a 74 3500s today, the car have been off the road since 86 with a siezed engine. On the outside all the panels seem good apart fron the front drivers wing, I've seen 5 year old cars with more rust. I have given the car a going over from the inside the car floors and inner sills seem solid the interior is in good order. the only place the screwdriver went through was under the car just in front of the rear wheels, around the bolt on each side uprights in the boot and the inner wing where the outer bolts on is gone about half its length. A mate at work has a 3.9 and 5 speed sd1 gearbox I can have for beer money. I know the brakes and bushes will need changing. the car will cost me £600 inc transporting, Is it worth it for a car that has been off the road over 30 years and what else should I look for?


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If you know what you're in for, 3 years or 30 years off the road, it shouldn't make any difference. Once you start looking you'll always find more problems, but that would be the case if the car was OTR. For that money, if it was what I wanted, I'd have it. Look everywhere and at everything......
check out sites for rover P6 . as well as in here . look for buyers guide etc . I am on my first Rover p6 and. was only vaguely aware to remove. rear seat. and look at floor ! inside boot again at floor! under driver and passengers carpet .inner sills plus bottom of front. a, middle b and. rear. c pillars . under bonnet check. all you can see.. rust is a cars worse enemy.if its been stored under cover ? then we may. be lucky. at that price it presents a possible investment for 'spares'. .every lucky you have somebody. can supply an engine and. nice box ( for beer money ..wow I am envious )
.check out. video etc showing wings bolted off/on . gives a better idea what to look at underneath. Harvey is. spot on in checking everything ( twice)